10 Jan 2018
GB7MR is currently on reduced TGs as requested by Peter the keeper. Currently hosting local TG9 on slot 1 on only, and local plus regions TGs on slot 2.

14 Oct 2016
Due to internet issues, GB7HX, TD and LE are off the network until Saturday.

19 Aug 2016
After a request, and discussion with the keepers concerned, slot 2 - TG9 local on both GB7EL and GB7RV repeaters have been linked. This will hopefully get a little more traffic flowing.

6 Aug 2016
CORRECTED All OK - There seems to be an issue with GB7EL not connecting to the network at present, so local QSO's only. It's due a firmware upgrade, and so this will be done, and the network issue investigated asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Aug 2016
GB7RV joins the cluster.

Jul 2016
Advance warning. We have been advised by the hosting company that they have planned a power upgrade on Thursday 14th evening at 19:00. The system is UPS backed, but if the outage lasts too long, it could see the bridge servers shutdown. All repeaters will continue to operate in standalone mode when the bridge is unavailable, and will reconnect automatically once back.

Jul 2016
GB7EL joins the cluster.

Jun 2016
We link to the OpenDMR hub, allowing access to the MARC talkgroups.

May 2016
GB7HS, GB7HX, GB7TD, GB7MR and GB7LE move over from BrandMeister UK onto the Northern DMR bridge.

April 2016
System goes into testing with a number of MotoTRBO repeters.

March 2016
A decision is made to develop our own DMR repeater bridge.